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Best Home Remedies For Ants

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Here is a list of things that will help you stop, control, kill, or eliminate an ant problem.  Although, remember ants are good and useful mostly.

Please know that I do not get paid to write these articles.  It took 4 hours or more to make this article.

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  1. Keep Kitchen and home free of food particles. Clean.

    Clean Kitchen

    Ants are like free maids for the home.  They come to your home for free, and cleanup the place by taking food particles away.  So, the best way to prevent an ant "problem" or stop ants from coming is to remove things that attract them.  Keep kitchen counters, tables, and floors free of food particles and stains; especially sticky or sugary spots.  Any existing or new sticky spots on surfaces should be cleaned up (wiped away; leaving a clean surface).  You can also make use of strong soapy water to wash areas.  

  2. Disinfectant and/or Soap Water.

    Strong Soap Water

    I found that using regular home disinfectant soap foam works almost instantly to kill ants.  I refer to the soap bottles that make foam when pressed.  The disinfectant dishwasher detergent seems to work just as fine too.   You can spray or put drops of the foam directly to where the ants are gathered, on their trails, and their entry holes too.  I believe, strong soap water works as well.   The ants will not go to the area that you spread the soap or disinfectant water/foam on.  

  3. Cucumber Slices.

    Cucumber Slices

    Many species of Ants do not like cucumbers and especially the bitter kind.  Acts as a deterrent or repellent.  You can leave slices strategically.  If trying to protect a room, then you could try rubbing the cucumber on the door entry floor and on the door frame;  all the way around the frame.  it is unknown how long rubbed on cucumber effects last, and I'd appreciate comments indicating experience or knowledge of this.

  4. Mint and Mint Oil. 

    Mint is a plant.  It is easily found in grocery stores and often growing around your home or nearby, depending on your locale's climate, and elevation.  Mint is a natural repellent to such insects as Ants, and cockroaches.  In addition to Mint repelling some insects, you can mix a table spoon amount of Mint Oil with water in a spray bottle and use it as a repellent spray.  The effects last for a week or more, and thus require repeat treatments.  Consider drying some Mint and making a rough powder to spread where you don't want insects like cockroaches and ants.  You could also grow Mint around the house.  However, know that Mint plant can spread like a weed, and will need regular maintenance and dirt borders setup for it.  Mint images below.  You can put mint into tea bags and place the bags where you want to discourage insect visitations.

    Fresh soft mint plant.

    Example of a bunch of Mint typically
    sold in grocery stores.
  5. Citrus Oil and Lemon Juice. 

    Citrus Oil Water

    Ants will not cross a citrus barrier.  You can put lemon juice at an hole at your home through which ants come, or make a line of lemon juice for ants not to pass beyond, and place lemon or lemon slices on counters.  For a Citrus Oil, you can do the following.  Boil water. Place slices of lemon, including the skin, into a bowl.  Pour boiling water over lemon slices.  Let the lemon slices sit in water overnight.  Use the citrus oil water created to sponge or spray with. This creates a border for ants, and has a nice sent.  It can also be used to kill the fleas on dogs.  Do NOT use citrus spray on cats.   
  6. Diatomaceous Earth Dust/Powder.

    Diatomaceous Earth Powder

    1. What Is Diatomaceous Earth, and What It Does.

      This is a safe natural way to kill exoskeleton insects like ants, and cockroaches and prevent their spread, and kills fleas too.  It is safe to people and pets.  You can spread this around the house where you have seen cockroaches or around the circumference of the home or at doorways.  It is great to be spread on top of cabinets and behind appliances.  Cockroaches and other small exoskeleton insects die within 48 hours.  People often have this at home and you should ask if there is some available.  It is easily available online or locally in most USA cities.  Know that Diatomaceous Earth will harm other exoskeleton insects like outside ants too, and I'd suggest selective use of this product within the household, and garage, but with limited or no use outside of the house or in the yard if you want to retain your beneficial ants.

      It is a natural fossilized remains of diatoms (a type of hard-shelled algae). Diatom particles are very small and sharp and only harmful to the small insect exoskeletons.  The Diatomaceous Earth light dust easily clings to the bodies of insects as they crawl over it.  The tiny diatom particles cut into the waxy coating of insects and as a result the insects dry out and die of dehydration.  Since the effects of Diatomaceous Earth is mechanical and not chemical, insects cannot become immune to its action.

    2. Where To Buy Diatomaceous Earth At Discount.

      You can find list of providers and the best prices for Diatomaceous Earth at Shop Ads here.  IMPORTANT, once you are at the site, you will need to wait for the custom results to show and you will need to make sure any ad blockers you might have on your Internet browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, etc.) are disabled for that site, otherwise the custom search results of providers will not show and all you end up seeing are general info search results.

  7. Garlic.

    Acts as a deterrent or repellent.  Works indoors and outdoors.  Can be used on outside decks and patios.  Bags of garlic cloves can be pinned to wood of decks, and stuffed in between deck wood beams.

 Feel free to mix multiple repellent ingredients to create a super spray or super oil, but I found that cleaning, and using the disinfectant soap foam or water along with lemons was all I needed.


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