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Top Home Remedies For Toothache

Here are a list of remedies found for toothaches and pains. If you have one now, then you know it is very, very intense.  In addition it can cause one to lose all focus and fall behind on all work, not get needed sleep, and not be able to eat properly.


Causes of tooth pains/aches or what seem to be toothaches.

Infections, cavities, damaged gum to root, exposed tooth root, sickness/disease of the gum, lost tooth filling, damage to jaw or a disorder.

Person with toothache



Nothing stated here is a replacement for a professional service or an expert examination, and everything stated by the articles here are considered opinion.

Please know that I do not get paid to write these articles.  It took around 8 hours to make this article.

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Top Remedies For A Toothache

  1. Salt and Pepper mix (Salt being the main ingredient).

    Salt and Pepper

    These two ingredients have strong antibacterial, anti-inflammation, and pain killing properties.  I'd give caution on not rubbing or leaving this mixture on your mouth flesh for too long a period as I believe it can make your flesh feel raw or worse for long period of exposure.  This mixture is very potent and known to be effective for toothaches.

    1. Evenly mix the salt and pepper.
    2. Apply a very small amount of water to make a paste. 
    3. Apply the paste to the effected tooth or pain area.  Do not leave on too long, and often 30 seconds to a minute is enough.
    4. Spit out the mixture from your mouth and do a gentle and light rinse.  Leaving a slight residue of the mix would be okay.
    5. If needed, repeat for a few days.

  2. Chew and swish onion (preferably red onion).


    Onions can have cleansing effect, kill bacteria, and inhibit growth of microorganisms.  If you got an infection, which can be cause of what seems like a tooth decay ache, then this can have a major impact in making it go away and allow the healing process.   If may take a day to a few days for the flesh to heal from the damage of the infection and/or any prior rubbing you may have done.

    1. Get raw onion (preferably red onion), and chew a good amount of it near the area of the pain or infection.
    2. Continue chewing to let the juices out.
    3. Once you got enough of the juices mixed with your saliva in your mouth, then swish it back and forth in your mouth over the area of interest.  If needed take a tiny sip of water to help with this.  Note it can get intense and require you to withstand the intense tingling and a sort of disinfection pain occurring.
    4. After a minute to a few minutes, you can spit out the chewed matter.  Swallowing the onion is okay, but best to have also eaten at least a little bit of solid food, and drank some water.

  3. Anti-Cavity Fluoride Toothpaste.

    Anti-Cavity Fluoride Toothpaste

    Depending on the cause of the pain, simply getting lots of Anti-Cavity Fluoride Toothpaste and using a very soft brush to both brush and surround the teeth can help stop the pain.  You will need to keep it on their for at least 3 minutes before spitting out the toothpaste and rinsing your mouth thoroughly.  In general when brushing with toothpaste, you should make sure your teeth get exposed to the toothpaste for at least 3 minutes per brushing.  This is often indicated on the back of the toothpaste tube or box.

  4. Garlic.

    Garlic has strong disinfection and antibiotic properties and known to be effective in reducing such pains.  Chew one or two good sized cloves of fresh garlic around the area of pain to achieve pain relief.

  5. Garlic and Salt mix.

    Salt and Garlic

    These two ingredients have antibacterial, anti-inflammation, disinfection, antibiotic, and pain killing properties.

    1. Mash 1 or 2 garlic cloves or use garlic powder with some regular salt and a drop or two of water to make paste.
    2. Apply paste to effected tooth to get relieve from pain.
    3. Spit out mixture and do a gentle water rinse once pain stops or after a minute to a few minutes.

  6. Salt In Warm Water As Tooth or Mouth Wash.

    Warm Salt Water
    1. Mix salt with warm water.  Make the salt water strong, but do not make it excessive to not be tolerable.  When using regular table salt, probably something like 1 to 1.5 spoons of salt with half a small glass of water is enough.  As you add salt and mix it and it dissolves, sample tastes of the mixture will help you determine when it is enough.
    2. Swish the water in your mouth and focus it in the area of the tooth pain or infection, and if needed use your mouth pressure to swish the mixture between your teeth. Doing it fro 30 seconds to a couple of minutes is most likely enough.  Spit out the salt and water mixture.
    3. Since the solution is strong, breaks can be taken and the rinsing repeated for improved effect.

  7. Cloves.


    Cloves have known anti-inflammation, antibacterial, and anesthetic properties that help stop tooth pain and help fight against infection.

    1. Grind two or three cloves, or use clove powder.
    2. Mix in small amount of any vegetable oil.  Such as olive oil.
    3. Apply paste to effected area.
    4. You can also make a tea with a clove or two and either use it to rinse the mouth.  Or simply mix clove power or clove oil in water and use it as a mouth rinse.

  8. Asafetida.

    Asafetida Powder

    1. Add half of a tea spoon or less of Asafetida to two spoons of lemon juice. 
    2. If you warm the mixture, the heat will increase the impact of the mixture.
    3. Use a cotton ball tipped stick or cotton ball or just your fingers to apply it to the effected area to get relief from the pain.


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  • Guest - Thankful Sam

    THANK YOU! Thank you. I used the Salt and Pepper first and then chewed lots of red onions on the area of pain and also pushed the mouth fluids mixed with onion juice between my teeth and around my mouth. Spitting and cleaning mouth with water after each method. I then did the salt and pepper method again shortly after. I've been pain free for days now. I am amazed!

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  • Guest - JordanBaker

    These seem like pretty great tips. However, I don't know how much yous should rely on them. If you toothache persists, you may want to consider going to the dentist. After all, it is kind of foolish to rely solely on home remedies. How long would you say someone should wait before they head to the dentist?

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  • Guest - max

    Hello, it's really interesting! thank you

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